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    The RTC Story


    Riding life's rocky ridges

    What is RTC? 

    Ride The Chaos is a mantra to overcome every day obstacles. Like riding a gnarly single track, with practice and the right gear you can pedal through tough terrain. When you expect life to be chaotic you’re prepared to ride over whatever’s in front of you.


    Snow and dirt

    Share the passion & quiet the demons

    MTB lovers and skate/snowboarders are a passionate bunch. From planning your life around your rides, to where your ride is nicer than your car. We eat and breath riding, it’s a fundamental part of our being.

    There are also many of us who’ve discovered riding as a way to quiet the demons in our head. There’s something about being out in nature while physically challenging yourself that gets your head straight. It’s both therapy and meditation. 

    RTC was created to share that passion and celebrate the awesome healing power that it provides those of us who struggle with mental health, or mind demons.


    Let’s go on this ride together

    Let's ride!