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    Make sure you and your bike are ready to go

    Get the most out of your ride by going through this printable MTB pre-ride checklist before you go.

    Get a printable checklist and a video + workbook to learn the nuts and bolts behind each step. 


    Get the printable checklist now.

    Or if you want a more in depth training on how to do a solid bike check, get a video + workbook to walk you through the nuts and bolts behind each step on the checklist for $10. 


    For a more interactive experience, schedule a live Zoom workshop to go through the checklist and ask questions as we go for $50 (invite as many people as you want).

    Haver you ever been on a ride and said any of these things?

    Wish I fixed that...
    Can't believe I forgot to...
    What is that noise?
    Oh no, did I remember my...??

    Well this checklist will help you be more prepared and in tune with your ride.

    Plus, for anyone who's uncomfortable or intimidated by bike mechanics, learning to do a solid bike check is a good first step to getting familiar with basic bike mechanics. Sign up to get the printable checklist along with a video where I walk you through it step by step.