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    D'Miles Salmon RTC Story


    Hey there! I'm D'Miles Salmon a mountain bike, snowboarding and skateboarding enthusiast from San Jose, CA. I'm no pro and I don't claim to be the best rider, but I ride with passion. I've been riding for over 20 years and love and respect riding more than ever. I grew up with a lot of bad influences and skateboarding was my saving grace. When I started mountain bike riding it was at a time when I really needed to turn my life around. Through riding I found an outlet for the negativity that was overwhelming me and an inlet for positive energy. When I could finally afford to go snowboarding it was truly the icing on the cake, incorporating all my passions. To this day when I start turning negative my wife tells me I need to go for a ride.

    This is why Ride the Chaos is an homage to the sport, the trails, the mechanics, and the life philosophy. As soon as I fully embraced Ride The Chaos mantra into my life, including getting a bad ass tattoo of it, it has fully changed my life and I want to pay that forward. I want Ride The Chaos to be a community where people can learn from each other to get the most out of riding. 


    People always ask me how I stay so positive and energetic. The truth is I struggle with depression, anxiety and migraines. I have to constantly stay on top of my mental and physical health. Ride The Chaos helps me deal with the challenges. When you expect life to be chaotic you are prepared to ride whatever is in front of you.

    Riding is my Reset button. It's the most powerful way to fuel up my positive energy. When you struggle with pain on a daily basis... and then you are free from it...It's so amazing it makes me enthusiastic for life and to share it with others!